About us

Main Object:
1. To carry on all or any kind of business of buyers, sellers, suppliers, traders, merchants, importers, exporters, indenters, brokers, agents, assemblers, packers, stockiests, distributors, and dealers of minerals, metals both ferrous and non-ferrous, industrial and other wastes and bi-products, industrial and other gases, alcohol, edible and non edible oil and facts, consumer goods, house hold goods, hardware and stores, plant and machinery stores, spare parts and accessories, commercial, natural and manmade fibres, textiles of all kinds of yarns, jute and jute products, cement, chemicals, building materials, vehicle part and devices, antique, jewelry, all kind of machinery, accessories and other things required in connection therewith.

Present Business:
To carry on all or any kind of business of financiers of industrial, commercial and other enterprises and general financiers, film financiers, producers, distributors and exibitors, money lenders, trustees, real estates, owners, landlords, builders, under writers, guarantors, hire purchase, dealers of all kind of shares, stocks, debenture trustees, securities, bonds, claims, licenses and charges, claims, buildings, negotiable instruments, decrees, book debts, patents, factories, mines, industrial undertaking, business concerns, warehouses, properties, and right of all kinds, agricultural land, farms, gardens, trust Company, Safe deposit Company and such other business of the Company for the money provided that the Company shall not carry on the business of banking as defined under the Banking Companies Act, 1949.



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